Winter Inspirations 2017

Happy December! We’re gearing up for a fantastic holiday season at the centre!
  • Dec 16th 2 pm Aromatherapy Holiday Make& Take with Kelly. Click here for more information. Be sure to register to save your spot!
  • Yoga Classes run Tues/Wed/Thurs until Dec 14th
  • Holiday specials run until Dec 24th, purchase now and save!! in-store and online available
  • Check out Dr. Andrea’s Christmas Fundraiser, see below for details.
  • Qi Gong with Diane coming in January! Complimentary class Jan 11th! More information below
  • Holiday Thoughts with Tracy from Soul to Soul Therapy:
  • Relationship Rescue with Dulcie from Renewed Couples:
Holiday Specials
Dec 5th – 24th
Save 15% on Massage Gift Certificates
Save 25% on Ortho-Bionomy Certificates
$50 minimum purchase, in-store or online
**Online Only**
Purchase a 3 Session Package and receive a
FREE 30 minute massage certificate!
60 or 90 minute massage sessions
Holiday Hours
Dec 23: 10 – 4 pm
Dec 24: closed
Dec 25: closed
Dec 26: 12 – 5pm
Dec 27 to 30: 8:30am – 9:00pm
Dec 31: closed
Jan 1 2018: closed
Are you or someone you know scared of Chiropractic? We have the Solution!
Sit comfortably for your next Chiropractic visit and experience adjustments like never before!
Dr. Andrea , our Chiropractor uses the latest in computer technology to bring Chiropractic into the new age.
While you are comfortably seated you will experience a gentle, precise, effective treatment, with NO twisting, NO popping, NO cracking.
Don’t let your fear of Chiropractic keep you from feeling better.
Chiropractic can provide relief from back pain, neck pain but also headaches, nausea, and much much more. From the very young to the more mature, it’s NOT just your back that benefits from Chiropractic Care!
Come see Dr. Andrea and see how she can help you. She has an amazing offer.
Give her a call today for all your health needs. Online Booking available.
Spring Forest Qigong (chee gong) is a simple, efficient, and effective method for helping you experience your optimal health, wellness, and happiness; helping you to heal physical and emotional pain.
The goal of SFQ is to enhance the quality of your life. You will experience simple moving meditations that can be doing standing or sitting. These movements will help to open your meridians creating more balance in your life.
The SFQ method is simple and easy to learn. It is comprised of four parts that all work together: We will be exploring all four parts as well as learning some very simple moving meditations.
Breathing, Gentle Movements, Mental Focus, Sound
Complimentary Class Thursday Jan 11, 2018 9:30-10:30AM
+ 4 week series Thursdays 9:30 – 10:30am
Jan 18, 25, Feb 1, 8.  $45.00 for all 4 weeks.
Register with Diane @ 403-829-3588
Inspire Centre for Massage and Wellness
2115 Sirocco Drive SW Calgary
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Summer/Fall Yoga Schedule

Yoga Schedule - Summer/Fall

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Your monthly news & updates

Fasten your seat belts we are moving at warp speed! Read about our newest additions and keep your eyes open for exciting upcoming news…summer yoga?… did someone say Acupuncture?!

Welcome Bryan!

Bryan is currently a student at Mount Royal University and is expected to graduate and receive his 2200-hour diploma by June 30, 2017. Bryan also holds a Bachelors in Kinesiology, as a result he offers focused treatments that are functional in nature.

Bryan is passionate about providing therapeutic treatments that are both rehabilitative and restorative. He cares deeply about educating clients and believes that good health is a result of a balance between treatment and self-care. Bryan offers deep tissue massage, relaxation, migraine/headache relief and sport injury rehabilitation.


Bryan is available at our student rates

Mondays – Thursdays 3-9pm

Saturdays 8:30am – 4:00pm

Book with Bryan Now

Service Spotlight – Student Special

Eileen and Bryan will be graduating at the end of June!  To celebrate we are offering student special rates until June 30th.

60 minute massage for $55

90 minute massage for $90


They are both excellent therapists so be sure to take advantage of this great rate before they move up to Tier 1!
Book Our Student Special Now

Let’s Give Dad a Hand This Year…

On his back…kneading the tension from his tight muscles with a massage!  We have designed a treat just for Dads:

Work out the kinks with a massage, treat him to a float session to further ease his tension, and keep him smelling wonderful with an all natural soap. $99 +gst
Purchase Our Father’s Day Special Now

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“It’s Just Stress”

By Don Dillon RMT

“It’s Just Stress”. People worry about troubling symptoms such as headaches, neck tension, upset stomach and trouble sleeping. A well-meaning friend, family member or even primary health care provider may assure them, “It’s just stress”. More often than not, we receive little direction what to do about stress and its impact on our body. We would do well to understand the stress response, its life-saving function in our body, and how too much of it can cause us real trouble.

Stress is costly. Job-related stress costs the Canadian economy $16 billion annually. Job-related stress claims are responsible for 19% of absenteeism, 40% of employee turnover and consume 55% of employee benefits. Thirty percent of short-term and long-term disability costs correlate with job-related stress, and at least 10% of drug plan costs are for psychotherapeutic prescriptions.*

It’s actually not stress that causes us harm…it’s our response to it. In Dr. Robert Sapolsky’s book Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, he describes most mammals are designed for “3 minutes of screaming terror” as they are pursued by a predator, or chasing prey as the desperately hungry predator themselves. continue reading »

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Guess Who’s Back!!

Jen is returning on Tuesday Feb 14th, just in time to provide care for you and those you love on Valentine’s day! Jen provides excellent treatments in: 

relaxation, deep tissue and hot stone massage 

pre and post natal massage

massage for infants and children

Along with expertise in treating TMJ dysfunction. (see article below)


Jen will be available:

Tuesdays – Fridays

9:45am – 4:00pm

TMJ Treatments

If you experience symptoms of pain in your jaw, the inability to open your mouth comfortably, a popping or clicking sound in your jaw or frequent unexplained headaches, you may be experiencing TMJ discomfort. Massage can be a highly effective form of therapy that can bring relief from pain experienced from dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint.

Your therapist will assess the range of motion of the neck and facial muscles, opening and closing of the mouth to see the movement of the jaw. A full massage treatment of these areas will also include one of the most important parts; use of gloves for an intra-oral treatment of the muscles inside the jaw related to its movement. A treatment plan initially consists of approximately  five – ½ hour sessions depending on the severity of the dysfunction.

Clients who follow  through with their  treatment plans have expressed experiencing a significant decrease in pain in their jaw, an increase in the range of motion of the jaw and a significant decline in  headaches. If you or anyone you know experience TMJ dysfunction, Jen can help!


Here’s a testimonial from one of Jen’s past clients:

Tina. V ~

“ Due to suffering an acute TMJ injury it was recommended that I try intra-oral TMJ massage to assist in alleviating some of the pain in my TMJ joint and surrounding jaw muscles. Jen Burt is very gentle yet knowledgeable and trustworthy in this area. Her massages were pivotal in my pain management as well as ultimate recovery. I’d highly recommend anyone suffering from either an acute or chronic TMJ injury to visit Jen!”

Book With Jen Now


Purchase A Valentine Gift Certificate


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