“We understand people who are connected in a different way.”

At Inspire, we recognize the increasing number of people struggling with high level stress, work life overload as well as anxiety, depression and trauma, for some this has become a chronic issue. Our integrated mind/body approach to treatments is recognized as vital and non-invasive techniques to support all clients, especially those who may be experiencing feelings of overwhelm.

We believe in meeting our clients within their comfort level of healing, without judgement or restrictions. We offer compassion, knowledge and a gentle guiding hand to assist you on your journey to wellness and a peaceful state of mind.

Creating an integrated, healing community in a warm welcoming environment has always been a dream of Inspire Centre’s Founder, Sandra Gibson. Each modality and offering has been carefully considered and brought together under the umbrella of Inspire Centre. Sandra believes it is time to bridge the disconnect between mind and body and support our whole being, mentally, physically, systematically and emotionally through connectedness and community with purposeful mind-body treatments

Inspire Centre for Massage & Wellness Inc.

2115 Sirocco Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3H 5P1

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Clinic Hours

We have expanded our hours to better serve you! 

Monday & Saturday10:00am - 4:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday12:00pm - 8:30pm
Friday10:00am - 8:45pm
Sunday (alternate Sundays beginning March 19th)10:00am - 2:00pm