If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in the body from chronic stress, mis-use or acute injury it is because your body is holding a pattern that is not optimal. Pain is your body telling you, “Hey, listen to me, something is out of sync”.

Ortho-Bionomy uses techniques to stimulate the proprioceptive nervous system to inform your body of the pain/discomfort patterns it is holding. Once the body has this increased awareness it is able to find it’s way back to balance. Ortho-Bionomy does not look for a “correct” body alignment, instead each body is viewed uniquely; what is optimal for one is not necessarily what’s optimal for another.

Does your body have it’s own intelligence? Or course! If you were to cut your hand, you may bandage it or even need stitches but where does the actual healing occur? From inside the body, the body knows how to form the scar tissue to close the wound, that is innate intelligence; your body is wise. This wisdom is mostly underestimated but it is a key piece to the healing puzzle. This is why in Ortho-Bionomy we treat the body by communicating with it’s innate intelligence.