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Inspire Centre in southwest Calgary is an integrated wellness clinic that believes in bringing together a collection of like-minded therapists who are passionate about holistic wellness services being an integral part of health and well-being. We also offer a wide range of complimentary services that are focused on restoring the mind-body connection and empowering our clients in their journey of self-care and optimum well-being.

Inspired Signature Treatments

Offering an element of warm stones and essential oils

This medium to firm pressure massage opens the energy with the body allowing tension and stress to release with ease. The warmth of the Basalt Stones along with the healing elements of pure essential oils allow the body to release even the tightest muscles leaving you feeling relaxed and cocooned in warmth

75 Min      $139                      90 Min      $159

A grounding treatment for body and soul

A customized introduction to the healing potential of pure essential oils create a distance from worry and stress.  This full body therapeutic massage will relieve tired muscles and provide a sense of well-being and grounded support through finishing with a deep foot massage following traditional reflex zones.

75 Min      $139                      90 Min      $159

Massage Services

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage
Choose one of our 3 signature blends

Through the power of touch and aromatherapy, our RMTs use warm towels, a customized blend of pure essential oils and relaxing therapeutic techniques to ease the body and mind of physical and emotional tension, leaving you feeling calm and renewed.

60 Min      $109                      90 Min      $149

Deep Tissue Massage
Always with client comfort in mind

This Massage treatment is applied in a systematic way, concentrating on the deeper layers of the body’s soft tissues. Depth, frictions and firm rhythmic kneading may be applied to the muscles and connective tissues of the body releasing chronic patterns of tension. Specialized techniques with purposeful slow strokes provide ease of movement with minimal to no residual pain or stiffness. Warm towels and our signature organic muscle balm help release even the tightest of muscles.

60 Min      $109                      90 Min      $149

Myofascial Massage with Cupping
this treatment will not leave traditional cup markings upon request

Clear and cleanse with this enhanced therapeutic treatment. Silicone cups are combined with myofascial techniques to increase circulation, stimulate lymphatic flow and release fascial tension in congested areas. This treatment supports all systems of the body activating the innate healing process of mind and body.

60 Min      $109                      90 Min      $149

Sport Specific Massage
with arnica oil

A focused treatment targeting the active and serious athlete. We have created this customized treatment to soothe strained muscle groups, stimulate healing and improve recovery time from intensive training. This session combines elements of stretching, specialized techniques, hot compresses and arnica oil allowing your muscles to release and regenerate.

60 Min      $109                      90 Min      $149

Prenatal Massage
includes a soothing essential oil blended especially for prenatal support

This treatment is designed to nurture both Mom and Baby. Our RMTs create a soft nest of pillows that enhance and comfort Mom-to-be while easing away any pain of sore muscles and general symptoms of pregnancy through nurturing massage.

60 Min      $109                      90 Min      $149

Inspire Centre for Massage & Wellness Inc.

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