Yoga Studio

Welcome to Inspire Yoga Studio

Inspire Centre is thrilled to share the newest gem in wellness, Inspire Yoga Studio. Located on the lower level of Inspire Centre you will find a tranquil space where we offer a number of different yoga classes all supported by professional and nurturing Instructors.

Most are familiar with the benefits of yoga on the body, Inspire understands the practice of yoga is so much more than just the physical – it supports the whole being, mind and energy. Just as the original yogis practiced with the intention of restoring and maintaining a positive state of mental health, it is our intention to support you in achieving peace of mind through your practice.


30 days of unlimited YOGA for only

Our Program Manager

“My goal as an Instructor and as a friend is to create an atmosphere that allows people to be themselves. To me, Yoga is more than just the stretch or the balance. It is about building  confidence in ourselves, learning to forgive and accept our flaws and to spread love and kindness where ever we go.

In my classes, all students are encouraged to let go of individual fears, embracing their bodies and learning to love themselves not only the mat, but off of it. Together, we will create a loving and non- judgemental space and allows ourselves to truly ‘just be’.