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Welcome to inspire… where we offer an authentic connection between mind, body, systems and emotions. Nestled comfortably in the community of Signal Hill, we hold space for those who seek support on their wellness journey. Within each of us lives a spark of desire to live well, feel balanced, whole and nurtured. Our primary intention is to guide you in this process through our many offerings provided by nurturing and respected professionals.

Chronic stress can play a huge role in disease and dysfunction in the body, mind, and soul. Fast forward to the pandemic -the stress of the past couple of years has proven that taking care of our mental wellness has never been more important. Mind-body integrated treatments are now being recognized as vital non-invasive ways to support those struggling with high-level stress, work-life overload, and burnout, along with helping to ease anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress.

More and more we are recognizing that self-care is about creating routines with healthy habits that include exercise, eating well, connections with those we care about, and regular wellness treatments such as massage. Self-care is no longer considered a luxury – it is a necessity.

Sandra and her team at Inspire Centre believe it’s time to reconnect the mind with the body to support our whole being; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, with purposeful treatments.

“Whole being” health care empowers clients to learn how to listen to their bodies. Once you learn how to tune out the noise, be still, and really listen, your body will let you know what it needs. Sometimes it is simply a great massage to ease tight muscles. Other times it is much more – a soft place to land when life is in chaos.

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Inspire Centre for Massage & Wellness

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